Monday, February 25, 2008

Does Your Child Have a Laptop?

All children need a laptop. Not a computer, but a human laptop. Moms, dads, grannies and grandpas, aunts, uncles - someone to hold them, read to them, teach them. Loved ones who will embrace them and pass on the experience, rituals, and knowledge of a hundred previous generations.Loved ones who will pass to the next generation their expectations of them, their hopes, and their dreams.
~General Colin L. Powell - founder of America’s Promise - The Alliance for Youth

What a wonderful thought! In today's society, we are so worried about our children having the latest and greatest in technology and the amenities of this world. But are we equally (or more) worried about the relationships that they are developing? Having a child on your lap to read to or sing with is something that we at Musical Beginnings support wholeheartedly! So get that laptop out just for that special child in your life. It will help him grow into an emotionally responsible adult. It will help her have the emotional skills to deal with life!

Musically, Kim