Friday, March 7, 2008

Kindermusik Home Materials...priceless!

Unlike most other music programs for young children, Kindermusik is designed as an everyday musical experience. That is why Kindermusik puts so much energy into creating high quality "At Home" materials that are second to none. Thoughtfully crafted sets of materials are purposefully incorporated to provide the most complete and the best possible musical learning experience available for the entire family.

Following are some helpful and practical ideas for helping to make your child's life even more musical:

  • Play your At Home CD ­ Children love repetition and the more you play the CD together, the more your child will be comfortable with the songs and activities.
  • Use your At Home CD and literature book to add music to your nightly bedtime story ritual.
  • Sing to or sing along with your child. Sing to a pet or even a stuffed animal.
  • Swing and sway to music, or dance through the water droplets of a sprinkler.
  • Record your own songs and listen to your own voices and music.
  • Vary your movements and instrument playing. Maintain a steady beat, move to a faster beat, then a slower beat.
  • Discuss the music you hear. What does it sound like? What types of instruments do you hear?
  • Sing or chant favorite tunes to help pass the time while waiting in line or while sitting in the pediatrician's office.
  • Explore musical sounds with home-made instruments, using boxes and other assorted containers, scrapers, shakers and jingles.
  • Attend community concerts and other local musical events to give your child a taste of many types of music.

Music at home is a great memory builder for your child. In years to come he will mention the things you did together at home when he was little! ...priceless!