Thursday, January 29, 2009


I can't believe all the snow that we have now! I hope that you and your children got to play in it some today!

I am constantly watching the weather forecasts and school closings so that I know what we are doing. Currently (midnight), Washington Township schools in Marion County are closed for Thursday. This means we will not have classes at our Epworth United Methodist Church location. I'm so sorry!

Carmel currently just has a 2-hour delay, so we will have classes at Northview Christian Life Church as scheduled.

Check your school closings in the morning for the up to date news. Stay warm!

Posted by Mrs. Kim who is up way too late!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Good Morning, Kindermusik families! Our new semester is NOT off to a good start. (Apologises to those of you who like snow.) Our new classes today were supposed to begin in Zionsville and Fishers. Because of the snow, schools are cancelled in Zionsville and Hamilton Southeastern school districts were these classes were to be held. Therefore, we will NOT begin our semester today.

If you have further questions, our policy is outlined on our web site, on your confirmation email and on our blog listing from December 7, 2008.

We will get you all started next week, February 4th.

Posted by Kim, who is snowed in with her husband and 2 of her grandkids....not all bad!

Monday, January 19, 2009


A week without Kindermusik classes....I must say it is very different and it is just Monday! I will say that there are things that I enjoy about the administration of a business. I like working on my computer. I like talking to moms (mostly, but with a few dads) and sharing with them about the benefits that a Kindermusik class will bring to their child's development and how it can change their child's life. I love organizing. (However, you would never know it by the way my office looks right has actually run over into the dining room!) I love working with the great group of educators that I have and helping to guide them.

Now for what I miss. I miss the SINGING! I love to sing and there is something missing from my life when I'm not singing. I love the looks of excitement on the little faces when they come in the room and are so ready for class. I love watching little ones explore instruments and am always amazed that they can still come up with something that I haven't seen before! I love watching the interaction between a child and his mom (OK...sometimes a dad, grandparent or nanny). The look of love that passes between them. I love the excitement of a little one who just can't help but let out a squeal! I love seeing the eyes of a shy child as she sneaks a peak at me. Wanting to make that connection, but still not really sure yet.

Children are fascinating and full of wonder.

I will enjoy spending this week working in my office. Answering phone call, sending emails, preparing for the next semester, working on curriculum, organizing the new home materials. But I will be so ready next week to begin our classes again and get to spend time with little ones and their caregivers. Helping to guide them through a class to get the most they can out of a Kindermusik class.

It is full of wonder, imagination, excitement and love. I hope you will be there with us!

Posted by Kim who is really missing her little ones!

Sunday, January 18, 2009


The forecast this week is warmer, but face it; it's still winter! When the weather outside is frightful, inside playtime can be delightful! Here are some ways to use your furniture and the space in the garage.

1. Cushion Mountain - Pile couch cushions and pillows in the middle of the living room and climb the mountain.

2. Pillow Path - Arrange pillows or cushions in a path spaced a bit apart. Jump from pillow to pillow. How else can you move your body down the path? Towels also make excellent paths.

3. Chair train/bus – line up a column of kitchen and/or dining room chairs. Your child “drives” and dolls and stuffed animals are the passengers. Don’t forget the road trip tunes from your favorite Kindermusik CD.

4. Table Hideout – Remove all of the chairs from around the table. Drape a large bed sheet over the table creating walls. Play “peek-a-boo” with the sheet, crawl in and out, and/or have your child set up toys, pillows, and books to personalize their hideout. Homemade tents are so much fun!

5. Garage Gym – Move the cars out of the garage and use the space for riding, running, dancing, and more. Roll, bounce, and toss balls onto targets. They don’t need to be fancy, just tape a piece of paper to the wall. Make a “Tricky Trail” on the floor with masking tape. Walk the trail, run the trail, leap, skip, jump, and gallop down the trail.

(Masking tape trails work in other rooms too. They’re great roads for all those little cars and trains.) Turn the garage into an imaginary park, train station, or whatever you imagination dreams up. Bring a CD player out to the garage so you can move to the music.

So use your imagination! A little "mess" in the house is so worth the fun and memories your child will have. Let us know what you come up with!

Posted by Kim who hates cold weather and has really cold toes!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Discovering more than Music at Clarksville’s Kindermusik class.

I found this article and just love the mom's approach. Many mothers think that if their child doesn't do everything in a Kindermusik class the way it is "supposed to be" that the child won't learn in class. That is so not true! Check out this article.

This morning Elle-Girl and I attended an event held in an upstairs practice room at the incredibly renovated new Mary’s Music Store downtown. The event was a preview Kindermusik class taught by Tiffany Hilliker. Kindermusik is a free form way of teaching children music by positive parent interaction and helping form a well rounded child. The class starts out with a happy hello song where you bounce your young child in your lap while singing “Hello” to the other children. The class then continues to teach predictable routine practices and interactive song and dance opportunities. The children get to experience different musical instruments and play with bright colorful streamers. The classes are completely child centered, however I must admit, the parent has a really good time as well.

As a mother of a busy toddler I thought that Elle-Girl would really get into this class. She always dances whenever music is on, she enjoys throwing mommy’s scarves up in the air and running through them, and loves singing silly songs and playing the drums on pots and pans.

However, the morning did not play out how I had imagined it. Elle-Girl did not want to sit in my lap during the “Hello” song, nor did she feel like sharing the plush puppy dog during the Sharing song. Sharing is really not a typical thing for children this age to do anyway, but some how the other toddlers in the group were than happy to pass the dog around. At one point a small duck was pulled out of Mrs. Hilliker’s box of plush animals and the usually reserved little Elle-Girl, who I swear to you has NEVER taken another toy from a child promptly stood, plush puppy dog still in hand, and took the duck from her “sharing buddy” Hayden. I didn’t feel it was necessary to try to explain Elle-Girl’s long time passion for things that go “Quack” I just quickly tried to resolve the situation.

After a cool down period with a quiet little Japanese Lullaby song, in which Elle-Girl stood looking at all the other children laying down as if to say “If you think I’m laying down for a nap at 10 in the morning, you’re crazy!” ,we all gathered together to hold hands and dance in a circle. Guess who was standing outside of the circle? Elle-Girl.

Tiffany instructed me to go ahead and join the circle, and perhaps when Elle-girl sees how much fun I’m having she will want to join. With a doubtful smile I joined in with the other mothers and their children and danced and skipped in a circle. While we were heading around and around I happen to notice what my child was doing, she was dancing along with us, but in her own circle. Even going in the direction we were going and stopping and doing the all the motions with us. I wanted her to join me, I wanted her to be like everyone else. Just then the mother beside me said something that I think will stay with me for a long time, she commented on how she was her own circle, and “what would the world be like if we didn’t have women like Oprah, or Hillary Clinton, that moved to their own circle?” you could also add women like Rosa Parks, Barbara Walters, Amelia Earhart, or my favorite Annie Lebowitz. At that moment, I found joy in my little independent girl, who has her own ideas and enjoys other children, but does not feel like she has to do what they are doing. I hope she always feels free to dance in her own circle.

I would encourage any parent to give Kindermusik a try. You never know what your child will discover there, or what you may discover about your child!

About Beth Britton

Beth Britton, Domestic Engineer (aka stay at home wife/mother) blogger, photographer, lover of antiques and the smell of an old quilt fresh off the line. After venturing into the Social Work field at APSU she quickly realized her 'gifting' was working with children, and became certified in Early Childhood Education. Beth can be found outside on nature walks with her daughter, on her front porch having coffee and talking of nothing with her 'Love', or in her church nursery wiping noses and rocking babies. She is ever striving toward a simpler life.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Well, it has finally arrived! The first measurable snowfall of this year. Please remember the following when determining if you have class or not:
  1. If school is cancelled in the distric WHERE YOUR KINDERMUSIK CLASS IS HELD, then you do not have class.
  2. If there is a 2-hour delay, we will go ahead and have class as scheduled.
This is our last week of classes for the Fall 2008 semester. We would hate it if you missed class, but please use common sense when deciding whether or not to attend class.

Above all...KEEP WARM! And sing whether you go to class or not!

Saturday, January 10, 2009


The first Saturday of this year we took some time to gather as families and enjoy some time together. This was for our kids 1 1/2 year and older. We first did our craft which was a snowman suncatcher. Very pretty! Thanks to Mrs. Holly for putting this together for our little hands. Here (picture #4) you see Dad and Ali putting theirs together!

We then had a great time singing, dancing and playing instruments! All of our songs and activities had a weather theme concentrating on snow. The pictures show us using our bells, parachute and streamers. It was really a good time.

We then had milk & cookies because that is the name of the unit that the Our Time kids are doing. They were yummy!

This Family Music Celebration was especially fun because of all the grandparents who were in attendance. It is so much fun to do these things with the whole family there! We hope that you can be at the next one!