Tuesday, March 17, 2009


You have a new little one? Not sure what to do now? We are here to help! Come join us in a Kindermusik Village class. Our expert Kindermusik educators will help you with ideas on what you can do with your baby to help him develop to his fullest potential. Learn songs and dances to liven up your days. Make friends with other parents who are beginning to traverse the road of parenthood like you are. We promise to help you along the way!

In class we will tell you how what we are doing will help your little one grow and flourish. The home materials you receive will be so helpful in bringing home what we do in class. You receive both books and CDs for your use at home.

Call today to get a spot in one of our classes. 317-867-3077

Posted by Kim who loves singing and playing with the little babies...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Singing with Your Baby!

When you are with your child in class or return for Family Sharing Time, you’ve probably noticed how much fun it is to sing with your child. Some people get a little intimidated. They think, “I’ve never had any vocal training.” But whether you have been singing in a choir for years or have never even attempted Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, your voice is the most important voice to your child. You are their sense of security and they love you for that. So don’t be afraid to sing! Your child will love it!

The benefits from singing are numerous: it exercises your lungs and the muscles around them and can help with circulation and blood flow. Singing strengthens your facial muscles. And, studies have shown that singing can help reduce anger, depression, and anxiety by releasing

Singing to a child is a priceless gift that can:
• soothe fears and reduce irritability;
• enhance child’s grasp of language and sense of beauty;
• remind a child that she/he is cherished;
• enhance communication and intimacy.

Singing to and with your child provides security, warmth, and comfort. So go ahead. Put on your favorite CD in the car and sing away. Sing in the rain, the shower, and the house…just sing whenever and wherever you are as often as possible!

By Kim who has always loved to sing!