Sunday, November 29, 2009


As the director of Musical Beginnings and the teacher of 8 classes this semester, I am on the floor and singing and dancing with many of you every week. Last week I had the privilege of being in the circle as a caregiver in 2 different classes. My daughter's babysitter fell through and she asked me to keep my granddaughter, Taylor, for the morning. I had already planned to go be with an Our Time class both mornings. Taylor is 2 1/2 years old (perfect OT age), so I decided to take her and go participate in the class instead of just observing.

Since my "baby" was 11 when I began Musical Beginnings, I have never really had the pleasure of being a Kindermusik Mom. So when I get this privilege every once in a while, I really treasure it.

The first thing I noticed is that I didn't really notice what the other children in the class were doing as much as what Taylor was doing. My focus was so much more on her. I didn't see the misbehaving of other, but I really notice EXACTLY what "my child" was doing. It was a little frustrating that she wasn't participating as much as I would have liked her to. She was an "observer" for the first half of the class. In the middle of the class she felt she needed to share information that had nothing to do with the class. (She apparently had money in her pocket and decided to tell everyone!) Toward the end of the class she became a little more rambunctious than I would have liked her to be. I was afraid another little one might get hurt.

All of these different feelings were very interesting to me. Many times I get calls from parents who are concerned about one or more of these reactions from their own child. All of these situations are very normal for a child in a Kindermusik class. Probably the most interesting thing that I noticed was that other children in the room were having some of the same reactions to the class, and I DIDN'T NOTICE! Most of the time, moms or other caregivers don't notice what the other child is doing nearly as much as the parent does. We often worry unnecissarily about what OUR child is doing when no one else is noticing!

So relax! Have fun with your child! Cherish the "floor time" that you have with your little one! And above all, know that what you are doing is having a profound affect on your child's development. You are giving him or her a gift that will last a life time!