Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Do you have it? Most moms do and it isn't something that will go away with time. As your children grow, the guilt will follow you along and through the years. Get used to it. No, put it in it's place!

As moms, we have to do the best we can and then sit back and pray that God will bless our efforts. As a mom, I was always seeking out the best way to parent by reading, talking to friends and just listening for good advice. What can I do that is best for my child? How can I be the best mom I can be. We cannot re-do how we spend our time, so we need to spend our time wisely.

How much time we really spend with our children is something we all need to think about. Even as a parent of grown children and now grandchildren, it is a battle to make sure I spend quality time with each of them.

I once had a mom of 4 girls in one of my Kindermusik classes. All of her girls have now completed the entire Kindermusik program and graduated. She told me once that one of her friends asked her how she found the time to do Kindermusik with all she had going on. She told her friend that doing Kindermusik forced her to get down on the floor and pay attention to Kendall and no one else. It was their special time together in the week.

So when you enroll your child in a Kindermusik class, you are not only doing it for the child, you are doing it for yourself. Take that special time to focus just on that one child. Get away from your home where the voices of the laundry, toys on the floor and other undone projects will be drawing you away from your child. Just sit and focus on the wonder that is your special little one! And you can know that the fun you are having with the music will change your child's life in ways you can only imagine.

Oh yes! And tell the guilt to stay in it's place. You aren't going to listen to it right now!

Monday, January 18, 2010


We are looking for children 3 to 5 years of age (not yet in Kindergarten) and children under the age of 18 months. Do we have a special for you!

Tell a friend and if you both enroll this week in one of the "SPECIAL" classes you will receive the following value! Enroll in one of our Village (newborn to 18 months) or Imagine That (3 to 5 years) classes from now until this Friday, January 22 at 5 p.m. and you will receive an extra $10 off you tuition.

This offer is for new students only and cannot be combined with other coupons. However, you can use it in conjunction with our pay in full discount of $15. So you could be saving $25 on this semester's class!

So go to our web site to check out the schedule and then give our office a call before the end of the day on Friday so we can get you registered with your discounts! 317-867-3077

Friday, January 15, 2010


Check out this link to see how you and your baby can enjoy a Kindermusik Village class. Your baby is so full of potential and hope and promise. Begin today to nurture what is within your child. You will be amazed at the things you see your baby doing and great developmental leaps that he or she makes. So join us! Our new session begins January 25th.

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Here is an article that I wrote about why our studio offers group piano lessons. We are getting ready to start another beginning group in February. Call to save your child a place!

by Kim Bemis

I first began teaching almost 20 years ago in the traditional private piano lesson mode. Then about 12 years ago I began taking a careful look at the way I was teaching, my goals, and the goals I had for my students. I thought about the fun I had playing the flute in the band when I was in high school and the fun I had in all the choirs that I participated in from Junior High through college. There were so many valuable experiences that I gained through these group activities throughout the years. It seemed that I could duplicate that group experience, the feeling of being in a band or on a team, for my piano students. We could have a “piano band”.

When I taught in only private lessons, I would teach the same concepts multiple times a week and hear the same questions over and over again. This gave me another reason to consider the group lesson experience for my students. When we are in school in a classroom the students learn from each other over and over again. This could also happen in the piano studio.

As I launched my first group lessons some things became quickly apparent. The students were learning musical concepts faster in a group and the lesson preparation was at a maximum. We played our lesson material together in an ensemble fashion. So slowing down or going back to correct your mistake was no longer an option. Musicianship skills grew so much faster than I ever imagined.

Another benefit from learning in a group was the performance capabilities. The students were used to playing for others, so when it came to recital time a lot of the performance jitters had already been worked out and the students were more confident performers.

In a class situation I could also alter the manner in which I taught theory concepts. We were able to play games to enforce the theory concepts and thus learn from each other as we played together. This could never happen in a private lesson. Theory time became the students favorite part of the lesson.

I mentioned earlier that lesson preparation was at a maximum. I think students will practice more to keep up with their peers. This is what Steven H. Roberson, professor at Butler University has written in Motivating Groups:

“Tactics for motivating groups do not differ substantially from those useful in motivating individuals. In fact, the task is often easier, given that research has demonstrated that most people learn best in groups. That is how youngsters are accustomed to learning in school.”

Over the years the results have become clear. My students have enjoyed piano as I’d hoped, have continued lesson far longer than when I taught on-on-one, and have achieved a higher level of proficiency. All in all, the group piano lesson as proven to be a better value for the majority of piano students.


Kindermusik classes WILL RUN today, Thursday, January 7th. Drive carefully to your class and have a great time!