Friday, September 23, 2011


At Kindermusik one of our goals is to help you as a parent to bring music into your home. Your child will benefit the most when you do a little bit of music every day. Your Family Home Activity Book is a gold mine for just this purpose. This book will help you bring the music home! But in the meantime, here are some general ideas to help your home be filled with music.
  • CAMP OUT - Build a tent in your family room. Start a "camp fire" and, of course, sing around the camp fire. Teach your child those songs that you sang when you were a child. Besides the music, you will be building a family bond with your child.
  • JOIN THE PARADE - Get out the plastic wear, maybe even some old pots and pans. Then you will need a few wooden spoons, plastic spatulas or the like. Put on some marching music (if you are a Kindermusik family, you have some) and get those knees up! Not only will you have music in your home, but you will be getting some exercise also.
  • START AN ORCHESTRA - If you are a family that has some instruments around your house, then get them out. A few drums, maybe a kazoo or two, and some shakers. You have yourself an orchestra. Now all you need is a conductor. Let the conductor lead you in playing together and then just the sections. Follow the conductor and then let another family member be your conductor. Experiment, listen and see what different sounds your little orchestra can make.
I've given you a few ideas, now see what your family can come up with on your own. And don't forget to check out your Family Home Activity Book. It's a treasure!

By Mrs. Kim who is waiting for the next parade to march through her living room!