Sunday, February 19, 2012


Dorothy Benz-Buchanan is Corben's Kindermusik teacher each week. Liz has shared her thoughts on how Kindermusik (and music in general) has touched her life and her children's lives.

Miss Dorothy,
Corben is just loving class. Thanks so much for your efforts. You had asked if we would take a second and write a few words about why we love Kindermusik. This is why I love Kindermusik...
My mother taught piano from our home (still does 40 years later) and as a child I remember waking up to music, going to bed with music, coming home from school being greeted by melodies. I loved music. In high school, I played in the marching band and still cry when I see them in a parade or performance. I was so thankful when my mother found Kindermusik and started teaching that along side of her piano students. I was 14 when she started teaching Kindermusik but I loved the CD's and the classes looked like so much fun. When I had my first child 12 years later, I was so eager to get him started with Kindermusik. He loved the classes and it was so easy to fit the CD's and at-home activities into our playtime. I want to instill that love of music for my children and I believe that Kindermusik is an awesome way to get that seed planted. 8 years later, my son (a Kindermusik graduate) loves to sing and is taking piano lessons.

Just a few thoughts...
Thanks again,

Liz Huntsman

Friday, February 17, 2012


Yes! Parents get a lot out of Kindermusik class too. Kindermusik is here to help make you a better parent. A parent who is more aware of their child's developmental needs and wants. Here are just a few of the ways that a Kindermusik class can help the parent.
  • Kindermusik helps a parent teach their child inhibitory control.
  • Kindermusik helps a parent understand why their child cries when they leave the room.
  • Kindermusik helps a parent understand that they really are their child's most important teacher!
  • Kindermusik helps a parent bond with their child.
  • Kindermusik helps a parent have quality family time.
  • Kindermusik helps a parent show their child that the world is not all about him.
  • Kindermusik helps a parent instill empathy for others in their child.
  • Kindermusik helps a parent instill a love of learning in their child.
This list could go on and on! Maybe, most importantly, if helps you just have FUN with your child. What would you add to this list?

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Love our Kindermusik! Yes we do!

As a Kindermusik teacher, I see Kindermusik from a different side than most people. Most people are the parent or caregiver bringing the child to class. Then, of course, there is the child who comes to class to do all the fun activities! As the teacher and director of the program, I feel so blessed to be able to bring the Kindermusik fun and learning to each child who enters our door. Here are just a few of the reasons that I love Kindermusik:

  • I love to sit on the floor and play!
  • I love to hug babies and children and give them back to their parents.
  • I love seeing smiles and hear squeals of delight from children each day.
  • I love getting to peek in on special moments between parent and child that are truly magical.
  • I love to be a part of watching a child grow and develop with the help of the power of music.
  • I love that you have chosen Kindermusik as a way to spend your time each week.
  • I love connecting with such wonderful families each week.
  • I love hearing how Kindermusik is present in your homes each week by way of the home materials.
  • I love being able to give an encouraging word, especially to the moms who sometimes are tired, stressed and worn down by the day to day raising of an energetic child.
  • I love giving parents a special time with their child where they can just focus on their little one!
  • I love helping parents to realize that they really are their child's best and most important teacher!
So thank you for spending time each week in one of our Kindermusik classes. Your child will remember this and benefit from it all his or her life. What a wonderful gift Kindermusik really is. I LOVE KINDERMUSIK!!!