Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Rules... I have to admit, I'm a rules girl!  I like structure.  It makes me feel safe and secure.  I can really relate to how a child feels when things are all out of sorts.  So you will excuse me for posting these rules:

1)  We don't judge other mom's pedicures!
             When you come to class and kick off your shoes, many times you look down and realize that
              your really do need a pedicure.  No one in class will think a thing of it!  We won't judge your
2)  We don't judge other children's behavior!
            The most any of us will think is "I'm just glad it's not MY child this time!"  We all have bad
            days.  So don't let it get you down.  Just go with the flow and do what is best for your child.
3)  We believe YOU are your child's most important teacher!
            We will do our very best to equip you with information on child development and lots and lots
             of musical activities to enhance brain development along with physical, social, language,
             cognitive, emotional and musical development.

So come!  Enroll in a class and get ready to have a lot of fun without the fear of judgement!  No singing required!  We hope to see you in class very soon!