Sunday, October 12, 2014

Expert Tip: How Your Child Learns Best

Did you know that you have access to an early childhood development expert? We don’t mean our Kindermusik educators, although, of course, with our years of experience and commitment to on-going education, we certainly qualify. We are talking about you. Seriously. No one knows your child better than you do, which makes you an expert on your little one! It’s also why we love partnering with parents throughout the entire Kindermusik journey. Together, we connect the dots between what the research says about how young children learn best with the very personalized and specific ways of your child.
So, take a moment to discover a little about the three main types of learners and celebrate the way your child learns best! We know that we do each week in class!
Three Types of Learning Styles

1. The Visual Learner (The Watcher)
·         Learns best by seeing information and observing surroundings
·         Watches more of what is going on than actually participating
·         Good sense of direction and spatial awareness
The Visual Learner in Kindermusik: A child who learns visually will need to watch an activity several times before feeling comfortable and safe enough to participate. In class, visual learners may choose to spend time close by a parent or other caregiver as “home base.”

2. The Kinesthetic Learner (The Mover)
·         Learns best by moving, touching, feeling, and physically exploring
·         Prefers to “show” rather than “tell” through body language and gestures
·         Coordinated, strong sense of timing, and works well with their hands
The Kinesthetic Learner in Kindermusik: A child who learns kinesthetically will often be first in line at trying out a new instrument, move around the whole room during movement activities, and inspire the curiosity and participation of others through a hands-on approach to class.

3. The Auditory Learner (The Listener)
·         Learns best by listening, especially to new information
·         Responds well to verbal prompts like, “Are you listening?” or “What do you hear?”
·         Strong language and communications skills and well-developed vocabulary
The Auditory Learner in Kindermusik: A child who learns by listening easily remembers words to songs, dance sequences, and even details from the story from week to week. Auditory learners are also quick to share opinions and ideas during class. 

This post was written by Kathy Morrison, a Kindermusik Maestro from Pittsburgh, PA.

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